SMU Business T-Shirt

SMU Business T-Shirt

SMU Business T-Shirt! Are you part of the SMU family? You definitely would not have missed the SMU Business School‘s unique attire! SMU Business T-Shirt is one of our main sells with it high fabric quality and good printing standards. Singapore Management University Business School is Singapore’s third government affiliated Business School.

Singapore Management University (SMU) started in 2000 with the School of Business,with its first intake in August 2000. In 2004, the Lee Foundation contributed $50 million in honour of late Dr Lee Kong Chian and to recognise and honour the late community leader, the School of Business was rename Lee Kong Chian School of Business.

Lee Kong Chian School of Business (LKCSB) is a business school with about 3,000 students.

Singapore Management University Business School is part of school campus of various faculties. Singapore Management University is based in the heart of Singapore, along Orchard Road and Dhoby Ghaut.

We are proud to be part of the energetic and happening group of young undergraduates in Singapore.

For this project, we focused mainly on quality as we know that we are reaching out to young people with high standards for what they wear and also a product that can be worn on a daily basis. The fabric is smooth to the skin and able to go through multiple washes without losing its shine. We also focused on a nice and trendy cutting to ensure that our young undergraduates look good in what the wear.

This represents who they are and brings out the hippyness and happiness in our customers.

If your institution is interested in printing your faculty T-shirt like SMU Business T-Shirt with us , do contact us now!


Waikiki SMU Singlets

Waikiki SMU Singlets

Waikiki SMU Singlets – Waikiki SMU is one of the Singapore Management University’s (SMU) Sports Union major events of the year.

This Youtube Video will show you what Waikiki is about, this is the 2012 Version of their Annual Event.


SSU is part of SMU’s core team of union organizations putting together 40 CCA clubs which includes, Basketball, Dragonboat, Frisbee, Sailing, Climbing and Etc. SSU organized competitions and various friendly matches, aimed at improving the bonds between Singapore Management University Students.

Waikiki SMU is their annual event hosted at Sentosa where students from all faculty and all CCAs can come together to enjoy a day out at the beach and have fun with games organized by the SSU.

For this Waikiki project, it was key that the material used was comfortable as this would be used for a beach setting and it needs to be cooling as well and this was the design mantra for Waikiki SMU Singlets.

Working with this in mind and also a simple and sleek design, Teeser Apparel was able to cater for the SSU’s needs and was very gald to be part of the event through the provision of Waikiki SMU Singlets.

Want to look good in a well designed and well printed Singlet attire for your school’s sports or beach events?

If your institution or organization is interested in printing your faculty T-shirt like Waikiki SMU Singlets with us , do contact us now! We will advise you on the price, material and also the delivery details , we are friendly and won’t bite! *Promise*

Oikos SMU T-Shirt

Oikos SMU T-Shirt

Founded in 2002, Oikos SMU is the society representing the SMU undergraduates from the Bachelor of Science (Economics) programme in Singapore Management University. All students whom are part of the economic faculty in Singapore Management University (SMU) is an automatic member of the SMU Economics SocietyOikos Singapore Management University.

For this project, Teeser Apparel covered the T-Shirt printing for the Oikos SMU Camp which was a camp set up to allow freshmen from the economic school to bond and build friendship before the start of the school term.

Teeser Apparel is proud of the Oikos SMU T-Shirt Design , which was simple and sleek and the colors were outstanding. The choice of white on top of a darker shade made the design stand out and unique. Showing how different SMU Economics students have differentiated themselves from the rest of the school and the other universities.

Teeser Apparel understands that camp t-shirts need to be comfortable and this is one of the key concerns that we had in mind with the choice of material.

The Oikos SMU T-Shirt was also favored by students to be worn during school days and hours so it has to be durable and colours stay even after multiple washes. The choice of attire by Economics students during school term is testament to the quality of our work.

If your institution is interested in printing your faculty T-shirt like Oikos SMU T-Shirt with us , do contact us now.

5 T-Shirt Caring Tips

5 T-Shirt Caring Tips

T-Shirt Caring Tips,  Are you a T-Shirt Lover? When it comes to the awesome weather of Singapore, who else doesn’t love wearing a T-Shirt! If given a choice i would wear my favourite Tee to my office even when its in Shenton Way! (but my boss won’t like it)

Even though T-Shirts are cheap, there are fragile things especially those that comes with complicated pictures and wordings, there are ways to keep them in tip top conditions and we are going to share with you some of them so that you could sound them out to your friends, family , colleagues and enemies let them know how cool you are! So let us give you some quick advise on how to lengthen the life span of your T-Shirt! Let us share with you our 5 t-shirt caring tips!

T-Shirt Caring Tips (1) Avoid dryers if possible

Excessive heat is never good because they damage T-Shirts and going through dryers day in day out will lead to the t-shirt getting damaged faster than usual which is not a good thing. The best way to dry your clothing is still to put them out in the sunlight. The natural way of drying is the best way to preserve your T-Shirt.

IF you really have to place it in the dryer, try to use lesser heat and a gentle setting so not to damage the T-Shirt.

5 t-shirt caring tips

T-Shirt Caring Tips (2) Wash Gently

The best way to wash your t-shirt is to hand wash it in luke warm water and the best is with hand wash detergent. If this takes too much excess time, a good advice is to use your washing machine with a more delicate cycle. If you really do care for your favorite t-shirt or a vintage one, follow this advice!

5 t-shirt caring tips

T-Shirt Caring Tips (3) Storing your shirts properly

If you want to keep your clothing lasting longer, you should also use a plastic bag or a nice sleeve to keep them. It keeps dust, molds and moths away from the t-shirt which prevents any build up or even possible damage by insects.

The easiest way for shirts to be damaged is insects and also dampness. So do your best to protect your precious clothing from the elements and it should last longer than without.

T-Shirt Caring Tips (4) Keep the white WHITE, don’t mix!

There is always this problem of mixing white T-Shirts with shirts of other colors, i mean for most its just a dump all in and wash it all kind of scenario. But if you are someone who is sentimental and want to keep a certain shirt or want to keep your one lovely T-Shirt for a few summers, you probably might want to split them up into two batches before you wash them.

There are definitely some clothing in your pile that is bound to lose color across the years and this will lead to your pure white shirt turning grey or in some bad cases red/blue/green.

T-Shirt Caring Tips (5) Have the habit of folding your clothing on the seams.

This is not only a better way for you to keep your clothing, is also keeps the clothing in shape.

Speaking of clothes folding, THIS IS PRETTY COOL:

When you have them on the seams you also eliminate the need of ironing it again when you wear it because it has an ugly line across. This also keeps it in tip top conditions for longer

5 t-shirt caring tips


T-shirt caring tips


Hope the 5 t-shirt caring tips are useful in helping you learn more about caring for your clothing! Share this page and if you want to learn more about T-Shirt printing, visit out site to find out more:

What to take note when printing T-Shirts

What to take note when printing T-Shirts

There are a few items that you should take note of before you engage someone to print your T-shirts or Shirts. And this is something that is always missed out by clients and we are here to advise and guide you in your printing decisions. Hope this few tips would help you in better making your decisions and learning about the art of designing and printing your own t-shirts!

Always work out your budget

When it comes to printing, similar to other products that you are purchasing, always work out your budget for the product first. Most suppliers will be able to give you a guide as to what material is best for your budget and what are some of the options you have if for example you have a limited budget.

With limited budget there are certain manners that printing can be done to make it within the budget and still deliver high quality products for your needs.

With the budget in mind , our job is to work out what works for you. Point 1 for What to take note when printing T-Shirts.

Jersey Printing  Each has its pros and cons, for example the printing material and method would determine the cost.

What kind of activity you are using it for also matters.

Embroidery printing for example is more professional looking, in the case of a corporate open house or going for an exhibition, choosing embroidery might be one of the better options to use and also looks better.

It helps to attract the attention of others. Silk Screen might be a good choice for T-Shirts printed for sale as it last long and is able to go through long wear and tear Heat transfer is an optimum method for those with budget constraint.

And when it comes to sports groups or cca groups, nothing beats the Jersey!


Choosing the correct printing company

This is something that many do not pay close attention to. What are the credentials of this company, do they have big corporations or educational instituitions working with them previously? This is a good litmus test for those who are not sure.

Big corporations and educational institutions have high standards to live up to and will not just consider price but also the QUALITY of the products. Some companies have minimum orders so you also will need to understand from the company if at this certain quantity are they able to deliver or are they not even interested to work with you on it?

Choosing the correct printing company can go a long way when it comes to something that will require a long term use, T-Shirts are meant for multiple wearing and comfort that should be considered.

Service is one of the core requirements when it comes to this line of business. Even if you are a small client, is the printer happy to work with you on the printing, this could signal a good core service attitude that would also mean that when you have any issues you have something to talk to.

Point 3 for What to take note when printing T-Shirts.

ALL THE BEST in your decision for a good t-shirt printer!