The world has changed over the last few months, people right now are concerned about their health, and the economy.  How on earth do you keep your company staff motivated and focused, when so much of the world is changing so fast?

The Teeser is not immune to the economic pressures created by the Covid 19 pandemic.  Our t-shirt printing company is strongly correlated with upside markets, when companies are flush with cash and are looking for ways to attract and motivate their employees.  Likewise, we also feel the pain when our client’s companies hit uncertain times.

As a T-shirt printing company based in Singapore, we have been honored to serve so many successful companies, from simple startups to international conglomerates and everything in between.  Luckily over the last 15 years of printing t-shirts, we have not witnessed any downturns in business.

Over the years, we have come to learn that a printed t-shirt can send a clear signal to your employees to stay focused and work as a team on your common goals.


Corporate Culture & Printed T-shirts

Company T-shirts in many cases make a great platform for companies to nurture their corporate culture.  They are fun to design, easy to use and wear.  Nothing gets a company team more motivated than a fun-looking company t-shirt or polo.

Creating a company t-shirt is easy, when you know which direction you want to move your company.  Then give us a call or email.  We’ll be happy to work with you to create the perfect t-shirt for your corporate culture campaign.


Creating a Message that Motivates

Everyone could use a little refresher when it comes to motivation, marketing and inspiration.  We figured we would do a little research to get you started with your motivational company t-shirt.  Please let us know if there’s something we missed, as we would like this page to help our clients.  So, we are always looking for ways to improve our messaging.


  • It’s how you say it – that matters
  • Think of The Outcome First
  • Keep It Simple Seriously (KISS)
  • Have Fun, Be Natural


Time To Create Your Company T-shirt

Creating a company T-shirt is as easy as 1-2-3, seriously.  Just pick up the phone and give us a call or click on the contact us link.  Either way we are ready willing and able to assist your every need.  If you would like to read a little more about the t-shirt printing process, we created a simple workflow that should help guide you in your planning and budgeting.


Embroidery Example

Get Your Company Motivated in 3 Simple Steps

Stack of T Shirts

Step #1 – Order Size

Knowing the exact number of t-shirts that need to be printed helps us determine which t-shirt printing service would be most cost-effective method of printing for your order.

Small t-shirt orders of less than 10 are usually printed using either Heat Transfer, Dye Sublimation or Direct to Garment printing.  These t-shirt printing methods offer flexibility in quality, durability and cost.

Larger orders of printed t-shirts are usually created using the silk screen printing technique which offers durable, vivid t-shirt designs at a very reasonable cost.  The reason why silk screen printing is only recommended for larger orders is due to the initial set up time.

Stack of T Shirts

Step # 2 – Art Work (Image Quality)

Artwork and image quality is important when it comes to getting your message across to your employees.  While we do not recommend that you skimp on the details, we do recommend that you consider using simple, designs that enhance your company’s objectives.

We often tell our customers that some of the greatest designs are often simple, but well thought out images such as Apples iconic “apple logo” or Nike “Just do it” Swoosh.

Simple icons and graphics helps people remember and associate messaging better than complex images.  If you need more proof, next time you’re in the MTR take a look at the MRT billboard map.  Can you memorize it?

Stack of T Shirts
Stack of T Shirts

Step #3 – Delivery Date 

All T-shirts designs take some time to create and deliver.  The average time to create a “batch” of printed t-shirts is usually 5 – 7 working days.  Of course, there are exceptions as we always try to work with our customers and meet their expectations.  But remember – time is money and if you need a quick delivery it will likely cost a little more.

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