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Have you ever heard of printing real-life photographs or sophisticated designs on t-shirts without the costly aspects of colour silk screen printing? Digital Heat Transfer Printing makes t-shirt printing in Singapore an affordable deal.

It is also capable of printing full-colour designs. As the name implies, this technique of printing is best employed when you have full-colour designs or graphics to print on clothes in modest quantities (eg. 20 pieces).

Furthermore, if you use gradient colouring in your designs, this method will print the same as your photo-image!

Too good to be true? The nice part is that it is less expensive than DTG printing. Woohoo! You’ve come to the correct location!

In Singapore, The Teeser specialise in digital heat transfer printing services, as well as numerous other printing methods suitable for everyone.

Check out our heat transfer gallery to view examples of our custom heat transfer projects.


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Products Suitable for Heat Transfer

Heat transfer is appropriate for a plenty of clothes and fabric types. You may browse our whole collection of goods at The Teeser website.

Heat transfer printing is a technique that involves heat pressing a design layer onto the product’s surface. As a result, heat transfer is applicable to practically any product. Cotton is by far the most widely used printable fabric in the apparel industry.

Because of its durability, you can apply graphics using the heat press at a variety of durations and temperatures.

We shall go over this in brief here, but don’t worry, you can always contact our devoted sales team, who will offer you with the greatest support in creating your customised products.

Processing Time for Heat Transfer Printing

Everyone is concerned about the time taken for completing their custom apparels like in the case of other tailored clothing.

Heat transfer printing, in its most basic form, entails printing your design onto heat transfer paper. This paper will then be applied to the product that you want to personalise.

We will use a heat press machine to heat press the design onto the goods at a high temperature, resulting in the design being printed!

The Teeser’s lead time for heat transfer printing services is around 5 working days from the start of order processing.

We believe this is the ideal timeframe to give our professionals enough time to supply you with the highest quality heat transfer printing as well as a memorable experience for you.

If you need express t-shirt printing service in Singapore, please contact us and we’ll let you know the feasibility.

Durability of Heat Transfer Printing

This is going to be a difficult one! Heat transfer printing in Singapore can last from 50+ washes to 100+ washes or even more! Why is this difference?

Heat transfer printing is a technique that involves printing your design onto a heat transfer paper and then heat pressing it onto your t-shirts or apparels at a high temperature to make it attach to the cloth surface.

Due to the nature of printing, they will not often endure as long as silkscreen printing or embroidery.

We can, however, preserve and contribute to making the prints more enduring by taking care of them. An easy solution is to avoid using the clothes dryer! To be gentle on the prints, another excellent approach is to handwash the items.

Why Choose The Teeser Apparel for Heat Transfer Printing in Singapore?

Most individuals feel that all custom t-shirt printing services are more or less the same. In truth, it has long been a trade secret that multiple tier classes of custom heat transfer services are available in Singapore.

The Teeser is always keen to make our heat transfer printing pricing affordable and competitive in Singapore.

As previously stated, we know the finest mix of heat transfer paper and printing technology to ensure that you get the best out of your money. It’s a terrific place to start if you want to make your own personalised clothing with full-colour designs on a tight budget!

If you come across any other vendors who may provide a cheaper choice than us, be sure to complete your research to ensure the quality of heat transfer printing services that you’re receiving.

If your budget is extremely limited, we propose converting your logo to solid colours and reducing the number of colours as much as possible so that we can print them utilising silkscreen printing!