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Customised silkscreen printing is a printing technique that is done by using a mesh to transfer ink onto a substrate, usually a fabric.

This type of printing is often used for T-shirts, polo shirts, and other clothing items. Our customised silkscreen printing in Singapore allows businesses and individuals to have their designs printed on these items.

In addition to clothing, this printing method can also be used on other substrates such as bags, umbrellas, and phone cases.

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What Exactly is Silkscreen Printing?

Silkscreen printing is a printing technique in which ink is printed directly onto t-shirts or other fabrics. Silkscreen printing ink is extremely robust and long-lasting.

They can survive thousands of washes, and the garments you personalise with silkscreen printing can last for many years. At The Teeser, it is one of the most popular forms of t-shirt printing.

In Singapore, we specialise in silkscreen printing services, as well as bespoke t-shirt printing and apparel. We understand that you will have many questions regarding silkscreen printing, especially if you are new to it. Let’s get some idea about this technique for your custom clothing!

Which Products are Suitable for Silkscreen Printing?

Silkscreen printing is appropriate for a majority of products, including t-shirts, polo tees, and custom hoodies. You may browse our whole collection of goods at The Teeser Apparel.

Most of the garments we use for silkscreen printing are made of cotton or dri-fit polyester. If you have products made of other materials, please verify with our sales team to see if they are suitable for printing.

What is the Processing Time to Screen Print T-Shirts?

Like in the case of tailor-made clothes, you need to know in-advance how long it will take to get your custom screen printed t-shirts.

The silkscreen printing procedure begins with the creation of a ‘mould’ or ‘block’ that contains the ‘screen’ through which ink will pass to imprint your design onto the apparel.

Because the creation of this silkscreen mould takes time, it is unlikely that you will be able to find a silk screening service that can be completed in a matter of hours.

The Teeser’s lead time for silkscreen printing services is approximately 5 working days from the commencement of order processing.

We believe this is the ideal timeline to offer our professionals enough time to supply you with the highest quality screen print for your apparels, resulting in your one-of-a-kind custom silk screen shirts!

If you need express t-shirt printing service in Singapore, please contact us and we’ll let you know if your project is feasible!

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How Long does Silkscreen Printing Last?

Our silkscreen print will last for thousands of washes! It is a printing technology that uses ink to screen print your design. Everyone of us owns a t-shirt or piece of apparel with silkscreen printing (we just don’t know about it).

So, if you have a t-shirt with graphics printed with ink that you can feel, it is most likely silk screen ink printing. Because of its excellent durability, it is the best and most commonly used way of printing on fabrics!

Why Hire The Teeser for Silkscreen Printing in Singapore?

Majority of people believe that all custom t-shirt printing services are the same. Are you prepared to face the truth? It has long been a trade secret that there are several levels of custom silkscreen printing services in Singapore.

You should not be surprised! Like in any other industry, there must be a reason why we sometimes pay more for higher-quality goods and services. This is due to the fact that various high-quality screen printing services are available in Singapore.

As previously said, there are various quality levels for silkscreen printing in Singapore. If you’ve ever had a t-shirt screen printed by a vendor, you may have noticed cracking or peeling ink printing after just a few washes.

Of course, the quality of the products on which we silk screen also plays a role. Towels, for example, have a high amount of weaving and gaps and may still have some cracking in the print.

 At The Teeser, our objective has always been to maintain our silkscreen printing pricing affordable and competitive in the Singapore market since our inception.

We are pleased to inform you that we can now offer higher quality grade silkscreen printing services at extremely competitive pricing.

Affordability makes The Teeser a brilliant choice to start if you want to make your own personalised t-shirt on a budget!

Be sure to complete your homework to ensure the quality of silk screening services you’re receiving. We believe we offer the best printing service in Singapore in this aspect!

Our consumers adore their custom-printed t-shirts, and they leave us genuine feedback, which keeps us going!