Embroidery – The Symbol of Elegance in Custom Clothing

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Embroidery is the simple use of threads to create designs or logos for customisation. As you may already know, embroidery is a type of needlework in which coloured threads are stitched onto a piece of fabric or product to make a design or pattern.

The embroidery threads will be held in place by a backing that will be placed on the inside of embroidered shirts or apparel. Embroidery is particularly popular on business attire, such as customised hats, polo tees, and windbreakers, because it offers a professional and refined touch to your clothing.

T-shirt embroidery has recently added a new degree of personalization for people and businesses looking to add a premium appeal to their t-shirt designs. Embroidery used to be a delicate craftsmanship of meticulously stitching coloured threads on clothing for hours on end. Instead, computerised embroidery has enabled the exact mass threading of fabric in a shorter amount of time.

Professional corporate logo embroidery, company logo name embroidery, individual name embroidery, and custom embroidery patch are all typical uses for embroidery!

Other printing methods are simply insufficient to provide the desired impression with embroidery. You’ve come to the correct place! In Singapore, we specialise in embroidery services and bespoke t-shirt printing and apparel.

View our gallery of embroidered t shirts and uniforms, we are dedicated to creating quality work!


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Which Products are Available for Embroidery?

Embroidery is appropriate for the majority of the products in our collection. You may browse our whole collection of goods at our website or liaise with our sales team. The only constraint will be if the product has any backing or barriers (such as zippers, or pockets).

Embroidery of logos is commonly used to produce a more professional appearance, such as embroidered shirts or embroidered polo t-shirts. Don’t worry, you can always contact our devoted designers, who will offer you with the greatest support in customising your apparel.

If you’re preparing a particular design for a company event, or if you want to add your corporate emblem to a team’s cap or, say, a windbreaker, embroidery is a good approach to accomplish your goal. Let’s check out the reasons.


  • Quality- Embroidery creates a professional, refined appearance that is difficult to attain with other types of t-shirt printing.
  • Costs- Because you’re using different coloured threads, you can embroider in multiple colours for no extra charge.
  • Durability- The thread/yarn used is heat resistant, and the colours do not fade easily, so embroidered designs last a long time.

How Long is the Embroidery Lead Time in Singapore?

When it comes to embroidery services, time is a crucial factor. You may have come across on-the-spot quick embroidery services, as well as lead times of up to two weeks to complete your custom embroidery job.

The Teaser’s lead time for embroidery services is around 7 working days from the start of order processing. We believe that this is the ideal schedule for giving our skilled specialists the time to present you with the highest quality embroidery as well as a positive experience.

Check out how to acquire express embroidery services in Singapore if you need your embroidered products quickly. You can also contact us and we will advise you on the viability of your proposal!

Durability of Embroidery Work

Embroidery can survive thousands of washings! Really? Yes. Embroidery is the process of stitching different thread colours together to create a design on your personalised clothing.

These threads will be strongly held together by a backing that will be placed on the inside of your t-shirts and clothing. Your needlework will last for a long time as long as the backing holds the thread together.

Embroidery- The Modern Symbol of ‘Elegance’

Given how time-consuming this old skill was and how many hours were spent physically weaving needle, thread, and cloth to make a masterpiece, not everyone could afford an embroidered item. Fortunately, with today’s technology, we can employ cutting-edge embroidery machines to achieve identical results in less time.

Embroidery gives you the same elegance and premium appearance at a fraction of the cost. While t-shirt embroidery is a more premium printing service, the results are still very reasonable. And at The Teeser, we’re glad to turn your design into a stunning piece of embroidered art that you’ll be proud to wear.

You can be confident that your t-shirts and gear will be precisely sewn with the most durable threads, ensuring the professional look and feel you seek.

After all, embroidery, unlike other types of t-shirt printing services, still requires meticulous stitching to accomplish the gorgeous finishing you’ll find on any beautiful piece of fabric.

Understand About Embroidery

Embroidered artwork, monograms, and appliqués are all possible on the same objects that can be screen printed. Get some matching totes to go with your screen-printed t-shirts and have them embroidered with your company’s logo or employees’ names.

Alternatively, after screen printing the shirts, embroider each person’s initials on the sleeve.

The options are limitless. As with screen printing, know what you want, bring in artwork samples, and discuss your possibilities with the screen-printer.