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What exactly is screen printing? Screen printing is a process of putting an image onto fabric by stretching a mesh fabric stencil over a frame. It’s a good way to make uniforms, logo shirts, sports jerseys and almost any other type of promotional wear you require. Before you get started with custom screen printing, there are a few things you should know.

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Select Vibrant and Colourful Images

You could be tempted to use an image from the Internet, but these don’t usually transfer properly due to insufficient resolution. When selecting artwork, avoid anything with little, vacant spaces where inks could flow over into areas where they aren’t needed.

For the greatest custom screen printing results, use photos that are large, sharp, and high definition. On that topic, a fantastic screen printer can help tighten up and adjust any image to make it transferable, so talk to the printer about your ideas and see what you can come up with if your initial idea isn’t viable.

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Be Willing to be Adaptable

Upon presenting your ideas to a custom screen printer, the printer may advise you that your font should be larger or that your image should be in a different colour. This is for a reason. Some colours simply do not transfer.

So, if you have your heart set on dark blue but discover that it is one of the hues that does not look good on dark apparel, you may need to prepare a backup plan. Remember, you want the shirts to appear amazing, so enlist the services of a custom screen printing professional!

Consider The Style of Your Item

What kind of fabric do you plan to print on? Jersey cotton, which is used to manufacture t-shirts, sweatshirts, and jerseys, is the most often used and easiest fabric to screen print on. Where do you want your image or logo to appear?

Custom screen printing can be done anywhere on the cloth, and an all-over pattern is also an option. Is there going to be a design on the reverse as well?

Before you go in to order your shirts, try to draw out a few concepts so you have a general sense of what you want.

The Colour of Your Item is Critical

Are you creating t-shirts for your children’s sports event at school? To disguise stains, you may wish to stick to darker hues. Will your business picnic take place throughout the summer? Then, wear light-colored clothing to keep your team cool in the sun.

Consider the colour of the art you’re having screen printed and whether it will look nice against the colour of the shirt. Discuss this with your screen printer so that you can select the best screen printing alternatives for you.

Calculate Your Quantity Requirements

It’s best to have an estimate because this will have a direct impact on the quote you’ll receive from the custom screen printing company. Shirts are priced individually, and you must know exactly what you require in order to receive an appropriate cost.

Take orders or conduct a head count before proceeding to the ordering stage, and if in doubt, add a couple of extras. It is usually preferable to have too many clothes than not enough.

Don’t Be in A Rush

If you want professionally screen printed shirts, the printers will require time to ensure that they perform an excellent job on your shirts. Because these shirts are tailored for you, it may take a few days to a week to get your purchase.

Examine Your Proof

Your t shirt printer will provide you a proof of the item after you’ve made all of the essential decisions about your custom screen printing. Examine it carefully to ensure that it contains everything you want on it, that the artwork is perfect, and that the colours are what you agreed on with the printer. This is the proof that the artists will use to create your shirts.

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