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15 November 2018

Custom t shirt printing has become very popular over the years. We, at THE TEESER, are aware of this trend. We are also aware that customers now demand the very best from t-shirt printing companies in Singapore. From the moment they first contact you till the moment they take delivery, and thereafter, they will expect every phase of the order process to be problem-free.

When we declare that THE TEESER is indeed the best t-shirt printing company in Singapore, don’t just take our word for it. Review our portfolio of satisfied clients and evaluate the 8 top reasons below why we claim to be the best in Singapore.

SMU Track and Field Camp T-Shirt

SMU Running Club

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#1 Our Company Reputation

Founded in 2010, THE TEESER has grown to be the premier T-shirt Printing company in Singapore. We offer the best deals and we pride ourselves in the quality of our work and products.

We also offer excellent customer service, during and after your order is processed. Our highly professional service ensures attention is paid to minute details and this explains why we are second to none in the local industry.

If you have chosen well, then they will have the skills and experience to make your t shirt printing job work well and look superb. If they tell you that something can’t be done, then it probably can’t!

“We pride ourselves in the quality of our work and products”

#2 Our Own Design Team

A great t-shirt is as great as its great design. Some t-shirt printing companies will offer pre-set designs for you to choose from and the choices may be limited. At THE TEESER, we have our very own experienced and creative design team to turn your idea into a quality design. We are the best when it comes to design. We are able to design anything and everything for you.

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#3 Our Repertoire

We have a wide range of t-shirts for a wide range of occasions and events. Our t-shirts are also available in multiple sizes, colours, and brands.

We are able to apply highly innovative designs and artistic styles to all kinds of t-shirts and shirts with ease and creativity. This is where we really stand out.

Over the years, we have handled printing t-shirts and smart shirts for sports teams, school camps, corporate events, family days and even novelty wear for Halloween parties. We strive to meet all of your printing needs within timelines and, of course, budget.

T shirt red Singapore National University
black polo jersey
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heat transfer on blue t shirt

#4 Top Quality Assured

We have been providing a variety of t-shirt and embroidery printing services in Singapore for a spectrum of clients. Our clients become repeat customers because of our attention to detail which gives them a high level of quality.

The design phase is monitored diligently any detected design anomalies are corrected immediately beore they progress to the printing and embroidery stage.

We are able to produce a degree of remarkable perfection on our range of colours and details in the designs. This is an area we place much focus on as workmanship is one aspect that determines the final quality of our work. To gain our clients’ trust, we employ only the best and skilful craftsmen into our team.

And to put the icing on the cake, our adherence to meeting deadlines cannot be compared to any other printing company. This is what gives a holistic quality assurance to our clients.

#5 Proven And Modern Printing Methods

The type of method applied for your t-shirt printing order will largely depend on various criteria and purpose of the order. For example, the nature of the event, the volume and complexity of the design are some of the criteria. This will determine the most appropriate and suitable t-shirt printing method to be employed.

At THE TEESER, we focus on three types of popular and established shirt printing methods. They are the Heat Transfer Method, the Silkscreen Printing Method and Embroidery Printing Method. The majority of t-shirt printing orders will fall into one of these three categories.

THE TEESER will discuss and explain to the client which method is best suited for his or her order. We will give detail justification to the method that we recommend. Only when the client agrees, will we begin to process the order.

Our latest shirt printing machines and technology gives us the edge in producing the right results for the right order. This is another reason why we are the best shirt printing company in Singapore.


#6 Premier Quality Shirts

All of our shirts are of the highest quality. Whether they are cotton t-shirts, dri fit t-shirts, dri-fit singlets, polo t-shirts, windbreakers or even jerseys, you can rest assured that the quality of these is not compromised.

At THE TEESER, we only offer the best quality fabric for class t-shirts or camp t-shirts, for men, ladies and kids. Depending on your event or purpose of the shirts. we offer a range of top quality normal to premium fabric.


#7 Budget and Pricing

You will agree that two of the main concerns in t-shirt printing that are in the minds of any client are pricing and how to meet the budget. At THE TEESER, we truly understand these concerns because it is only natural that any event or need for custom shirts must have a budget.

The person in charge of making shirt orders has the daunting task of getting top quality results within a pre-set budget. So how does he or she get around this without sacrificing quality.

At THE TEESER, this is a concern that can be dealt with n a mutual and professional manner. We are always ever ready to help our clients out with this. As the best t-shirt printing in Singapore, we offer the best deals at the best price that will match your corporate or personal budget.


#8 Effective Customer Support

Our customer support and service are exemplary. Our t-shirt printing experts are on hand to receive any questions or enquiry from our clients. We are transparent in updating the client every step of the way throughout the order process. We encourage the use of our phone and email contacts to get through to us for any enquiry the client has, at any time.

We are aware that clients look for an excellent service from us and in that regard, we have many channels open for fast and direct communication with us. This is understandable as most clients would want to ensure that their order is 100% perfect, especially in embroidery.


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Evaluating a good t-shirt printing company is not all about the price of its products or services. Printing is not a commodity that you buy at a pre-defined price. You are actually buying an entire process. And that requires mutual trust with the company that you choose and an understanding of its skills, methods and technology.

Give us a shout and we will be ever so happy to have a detail discussion with you and explain how we can help you in a winning way. We are transparent enough to tell you upfront what we can, or cannot, do.


Custom Singlet Printing

With the hot and humid tropical climate of our country, we understand that sometimes singlets is really the way to go especially for outdoor activities. The Teeser offers both cotton and drifit singlets, with the design and the cuts of the singlet fully customizable to your preference. If you’re looking for a Singlet printing firm for your school or office sports needs, you can contact us. We have worked with many institutions and companies to produce high quality singlets and attires for them.

Designs are advise together with the material to maximize comfort and fashionable outlook. We  are committed to making sure you look good and feel good in our printed singlets.

If you can think it, we can do it.