There are a few items that you should take note of before you engage someone to print your T-shirts or Shirts. And this is something that is always missed out by clients and we are here to advise and guide you in your printing decisions. Hope this few tips would help you in better making your decisions and learning about the art of designing and printing your own t-shirts!

Always work out your budget

When it comes to printing, similar to other products that you are purchasing, always work out your budget for the product first. Most suppliers will be able to give you a guide as to what material is best for your budget and what are some of the options you have if for example you have a limited budget.

With limited budget there are certain manners that printing can be done to make it within the budget and still deliver high quality products for your needs.

With the budget in mind , our job is to work out what works for you. Point 1 for What to take note when printing T-Shirts.

Jersey Printing  Each has its pros and cons, for example the printing material and method would determine the cost.

What kind of activity you are using it for also matters.

Embroidery printing for example is more professional looking, in the case of a corporate open house or going for an exhibition, choosing embroidery might be one of the better options to use and also looks better.

It helps to attract the attention of others. Silk Screen might be a good choice for T-Shirts printed for sale as it last long and is able to go through long wear and tear Heat transfer is an optimum method for those with budget constraint.

And when it comes to sports groups or cca groups, nothing beats the Jersey!


Choosing the correct printing company

This is something that many do not pay close attention to. What are the credentials of this company, do they have big corporations or educational instituitions working with them previously? This is a good litmus test for those who are not sure.

Big corporations and educational institutions have high standards to live up to and will not just consider price but also the QUALITY of the products. Some companies have minimum orders so you also will need to understand from the company if at this certain quantity are they able to deliver or are they not even interested to work with you on it?

Choosing the correct printing company can go a long way when it comes to something that will require a long term use, T-Shirts are meant for multiple wearing and comfort that should be considered.

Service is one of the core requirements when it comes to this line of business. Even if you are a small client, is the printer happy to work with you on the printing, this could signal a good core service attitude that would also mean that when you have any issues you have something to talk to.

Point 3 for What to take note when printing T-Shirts.

ALL THE BEST in your decision for a good t-shirt printer!