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About the Teeser

The Teeser was founded in 2010 on the principle that customer service and quality are just as important as a project’s prices.  Our customer service and dedication to details has helped our company grow our reputation as one of the best T Shirt printing companies in Singapore.

The Teeser is widely known for our innovative designs and artist styles. We specialize in many different t shirt printing methods such as Silk Screen printing, Direct to Garment printing, Dye Sublimation printing, Heat Transfer printing and Embroidery services.

We do our best to ensure that our customers experience exceeds your expectations. We feel that every t shirt printing order is a chance for The Teeser to build a long-term relationship with a new client.

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Why Hire Us for T Shirt Printing

Our professionally trained printing staff will take the extra time to listen to your specific needs and to recommend t shirt printing solutions that meet both your project costs and quality considerations.

Our decade long years of service has allowed us to learn about t shirt quality, printing quality, and image design. We would like to pass our years of wisdom to you, our future customer.

We specialize in printing t shirts for sporting teams, school camps, corporate events, family t-shirts, or even novelty wear such as Halloween parties – we strive to meet all your printing needs within your time and budget.  Our t shirts are available in multiple sizes, colors and brands.

Our Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

The Teeser places a high value on product quality and customer service.  We do our best to offer great prices on our t shirt printing while making sure that we deliver your t shirts on-time and with the level of care and quality that you expect.

We would love the chance to hear about your next t shirt printing project.


When you are looking for t shirt printing printers in Singapore, quality is the main criteria that you should not miss out. You should make sure that the company offers good quality print and material.

There are many printing methods available and therefore the company must offer you with the best quality prints that won’t fade away. The fabric used for tshirt should also be of good quality to ensure better comfort all the time.



When you are looking for printer for t-shirts in Singapore make sure that they offer lot of options like variety in designs, colors and even styles. This will allow you to get the right kind of design that you want on your own.

There are some firms that offer only limited designs and styles and that will not allow you to take your creativity to the next level.

When you have options for multiple designs and styles and colors you can get these customized shirts for parties, corporate events, sports teams, family gifts and even for social events.



A good shirt printer always offers the best deals at the best price and therefore makes sure that we provide you with great deals that match your corporate or personal budget. We do not sacrifice quality when trying to meet your t shirt printing budget.


Customer Support

A good customer support makes the entire experience easier and better. When you are looking for printer for t shirt printing make sure that they offer better customer support so that you can contact them and ask your queries.

The customer support can also help you when your orders are late or there is some delay in the order shipment.