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Heat Transfer printing are a great choice for low volume custom printing of t shirts, polos and hoodies. Heat Transfers are low cost and can be applied to a wide assortment of different garment materials.

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Heat Transfer Printing Singapore

The Teeser has been printing Heat Transfer T shirts in Singapore for over 10 years. We take pride in every printing project, and strive to deliver the best quality printing at the most reasonable price.


Heat Transfer printing orders usually take between 3 – 5 days. Please contact us for an exact time.


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Historic Image of Japanese silk screen printing

Transfer Printing was first used on ceramic tiles in the United Kingdom.

The History of Heat Transfers

Heat transfer printing is a broad term that also includes such printing terms as vinyl printing, transfer printing and heat press printing. The history of heat transfer printing dates back to the the mid 1700’s when it was first used to print on ceramics.

A leading transfer printing pioneer was John Sadler who with the help of Guy Green began to produce colorful ceramic plates, and pots.

The Sadler family later went on to create world famous tea pots that uses the same transfer printing that was invented mr John Sadler.

The Sato Corporation continued to advance the Transfer technology during the 1980’s with their research for Thermal Label transfer machines.

The Heat Transfer process is still popular in today’s modern print shops.

What is Heat Transfer (Vinyl Printing)?

Modern Heat Transfer printing is essentially a two-stage process, where (1) the image is created on a transfer paper and (2) the image is then heated and pressed onto a target substrate.  Over the years, the Heat Transfer process has evolved to incorporated modern printing techniques from both Dye and Direct to Garment printing.

The Heat Transfer process begins by loading an image into a computer system.  A computer program will then analyze the image and calculate the correct image pattern and ink mixture to recreate the original artwork.

Most heat transfer printing applications allow a user to visually check the computer aided reproduction before printing the image on a transfer sheet.  It’s interesting to point out that it is difficult to inspect a printed transfer sheet as the image will appear as a mirror image.

Heat Transfer images are sometimes supplied to the end user, where the user then uses an iron to heat the transfer paper to apply the image to a piece of clothing.  Modern printshops use the same technique but on an industrial scale with the help of specialized tools such as a heat press.



Example of an Industrial Grade Heat Press.


Heat Transfer printing offers a lot of bang for the buck. It’s a great method to print a few quality t shirts.

Image design and stenciling

Create Your Design For Your T-Shirt

Every great t shirt begins with great looking artwork.  If you like we can help you with the creation of the artwork, or at least guide your designers with professional recommendations.

cover screen with emulsion for silk screen printing

Load Artwork into Computer Application

Computer aided printing makes life alot easier for a modern day print shop.  Computers allow us to visually see an exact duplicate of the final design before we begin our actual printing.

Etching and Silk Screen printing

Create the Transfer Image Paper

Creating the transfer image is important, and would be complicated if we did not have a computer to do the actual measuring & mixing of the dyes before printing the image. 

Pulling Ink on Silk Screen

Use Heat Press to Transfer image

Heat Press equipment are used to transfer the image from the “transfer paper” to the t shirt. A Heat Press uses both heat and the force of the press to accomplish the transfer.


Heat Transfers are commonly used to create “concert” and “event” T Shirts, they are a lot of fun to make and wear.


Heat Transfer printing is a good choice for sporting jerseys as they are durable, maintain their color and last a long time. 

We recommend that you turn the shirts in-side out when washing as the design print will be protected from rubbing against other clothing during the wash n rinse cycles.

Cost Effective

Heat Transfers (vinyl transfers) are a great choice when you want to print a few nice t-shirts for an event, team game or concert. 

Heat Transfer printing is computer aided so theirs not a lot of set up time, so there’s no minimum order, and the cost per shirt is very low when comparing to other methods such as silkscreen or DTG printing.

Vivid Colours

Heat Transfers are popular due to their low cost and vivid colors, that’s why concert goers are always buying the bright colored t shirts that use the Heat Transfer method. 

Heat Transfers are  very colorful because they use a specialized ink dye that has been developed over many years.


Heat Transfer printing are popular because they are cheap, easy to make and can use vivid colours.  They are slowly being phased out do to new advances in printing technology which can create better quality imaging, are faster to create and less costlier.

Older Technology

There is really nothing wrong with good ole Heat Transfer printing, it’s only problem is that the technology in the printing industry has constantly been evolving, and improving. Over time their are more colorful printing techniques, more durable dyes and inks, and longer lasting printing processes. Long Live Heat Transfers printing they were the bedrock of the 1970’s t shirt revolution.

Examples Of Heat Transfer Printing

Heat Transfer printing is a popular chose and works well with t shirts, jerseys, hoodies and totes.

National University of Singapoe (Business T Shirt) Silk Screen example
Day Zero (SIngapore) SIlk Screen T Shirt
SMU Economics silk screen t shirt

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