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Silkscreen printing is a versatile, low cost (for bulk orders) printing process that offers durability, incredible detail and the use of vivid colours. We highly recommend this type of printing process for orders above (10) pieces.

Silk Screen Printing Singapore

The Teeser is a full service T Shirt and Apparel printing service. We are also capable of printing many other items such as mugs, lanyards and more. We take pride in the work we do and deliver quality products for our clients.


Silk Screen printing orders usually take between 6 – 12 days. Please contact us for an exact time.


10 Piece Minimum Requirement

Minimum orders for silk screen printing is 10 (same design). Please contact us for any additional questions.

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Historic Image of Japanese silk screen printing

Example of Japanese Silk Screen printing

Silk Screen Printing  History

Silkscreen printing has been around for centuries. Most people believe that the silkscreen process was first developed in China around 221 AD. The silkscreen method is a simple process where you literally push ink thru a stencil onto an object such as paper or cloth.

The Japanese later refined the process by using human hair for the stensil screens. The use of human hair created a smaller screen mesh that was able to produce designs that contained more detail than the original Chinese process.  Later during the 17th century, the French would introduce silk screen stencils.

Today’s silk screen popularity can be attributed to the use of silk screen printing in the world of contemporary art with such artists as Andy Warhol, Peter Blake and Robert Rauschenberg.

Silk Screen Process

The silk screen process involves the pulling of ink through a stencil onto a garment or paper. The ink is pulled with the help of a squeegee. Each colour of ink will have its own stencil.

The initial setup for creating silk screen printing can be laborious due to the need to carefully create each stencil, mix the different colors of ink, and align each stencil over the garment or paper. 

The ink will have to dry properly before the next color is applied. The order of stencilling begins with the background and ends with the foreground inks.

Today’s screens are no longer made from silk and are created by a process called light-sensitive emulsion, which is similar to the the development of developing film photographs.



Example of Modern day Silk Screen printing


The silkscreen printing process requires that each color of ink is applied individually and sequentially.

Image design and stenciling

Create Design Images for each Colour

Seperate stensil images are needed for each color of your design artwork.  The images we create will be used to block out light during the emulsification step.

cover screen with emulsion for silk screen printing

Coat the Screen with photo Emulsion

We coat the screen with a special chemical that will emulsify when exposed to light. The unexposed section due to our design will later allow for ink to pass thru onto the t shirt.

Etching and Silk Screen printing

Etch the images onto Screen with Light

We place the image onto the screen and shine a bright light on it. The light helps “etch”, a perfect copy of the image that we created earlier.

Pulling Ink on Silk Screen

Pull Ink onto T-Shirt with Squeegee

We use the screen stencils to pull ink onto our t shirt. It is important to note that we must apply the different color inks from background to foreground.


Silkscreen printing is a great method to create colorful long lasting designs, the only drawback is the size of the order.


Silkscreen printing is as durable as the ink that is used for the design and today’s inks are made super strong.  Today”s modern inks are made from PVC based chemicals that are designed to last a long time.

Generally speaking we like to tell our customers that a t shirt or polo that is made with the silk screen process should last the life time of your garment.


Incredible Detail

Silk screen printing is a cost effective way to produce long lasting, vivid designs on your garments.  The only drawback is that this method has an initial setup cost for the development of the screens and the mixing of the ink colors.


Vivid Colours

Silkscreen printing has set the standard for vivid colours in the t shirt and garment printing industry.  That’s why silk screen printing became so popular in modern art culture. 

The secret for vivid colours is based on the type of ink that is used.  In most cases an ink called plastisol is used, this ink has superior coloration properties combined with excellent durability characteristics.

Cost Effective

Silk screen printing is a cost effective way to produce long lasting, vivid designs on your garments.  The only drawback is that this method has an initial setup cost for the development of the screens and the mixing of the ink colors.

As a rule of thumb, you will begin to save money using this design on orders of more that 50 pieces.


The only disadvantage is volume, you need to order large numbers of the same design.

 Costlier on Smaller Orders

Silkscreen printing offers a lot of great benefits when you are ordering large quantities of printed t shirts.  Unfortunately, the initial cost to create the stencils, designs and inks will make smaller orders more expensive. 

It Takes a Little Longer

Silk Sheet printing involves a little more time to create the individual artwork, create the screens, and ink colours. There is also a dry time that is needed between colour applications.

Examples Of Silk Screen Printing

In order to print the silk screen printing techniques different materials used

National University of Singapoe (Business T Shirt) Silk Screen example
Day Zero (SIngapore) SIlk Screen T Shirt
SMU Economics silk screen t shirt

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