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T Shirt Printing Methods

SilkscreenDye SublimationDirect to GarmentHeat TransferEmbroidery


The Teeser currently offers five different types of T Shirt printing and embroidery services that can be used to fulfill your t shirt printing project.  We have been creating great looking t shirts for over 10 years and have lots of experience with each of the following t shirt printing methods. Each method has its own unique pros and cons and unique cost benefit.

If you’re looking for a reputable t shirt printing company in Singapore contact us. We will help you find the right solution for your unique t shirt printing project.

Silkscreen Printing Shop

Silk Screen Printing

Pros – Silk screen printing can create vivid, colorful graphics that are durable and long lasting. Silk Screen printing is also economical for large orders.

Cons – Silk Screen printing is costlier for small orders and takes a few days longer to complete an order.

Minimum Order – Our minimum order (same design) for Silk Screen printing is 10 t-shirts.

Delivery Time – Delivery time for silk screen projects is usually 7 – 10 working days.

Silk Screen Printing

Silk Screen printing is one of the oldest methods of garment printing and dates back to china back in 221 AD.  During that time, the Chinese would press ink compounds though a simple stencil. Over time the silk screen printing has become modernized and now uses computer created stencils and nylon mesh.  The inks that are used are colorful and durable.

Each design color will use a different image pattern stencil which will represent the color pattern found on the design.

Silk Screen printing is the most common method to create t shirts and prints, we recommend this type of printing when you want to print large quantities of t shirts that use vivid colors.

Heat TRansfer Singapore

Dye Sublimation Printing

Pros – Dye Sublimation produces great looking t shirts, that have no minimum order and last a long, long time.

Cons – Dye Sublimation only drawback is that it does not work well on cotton t shirts, we use nylon and polyester shirts for Dye Sublimation printing.

Minimum Order – there is no minimum order for Dye Sublimation t shirt printing.

Delivery Time – Delivery time for Dye Sublimation printing is 5 – 7 working days.

Dye-Sublimation was created in the 1950’s when inventor Noel de Plasse discovered how to print with ink that was turned into a gaseous state (sublimation).  Mr Plasse would later establish a company that specializes in sublimation printing called Sublistatis SA. Dye Sublimation is used to heat the ink while it is absorbed by a garment’s fibers.  As the ink cools the colored ink is fused into the fibers, the fibers will now have the color of the ink.

Dye sublimation is soft to touch, and durable.  Dye Sublimation works best with light-colored t shirts.  Unfortunately, dye sublimation does not work well with cotton-based t shirts and garments.


Dye Sublimation is a great selection for polyester type t shirts and garments.

Heat TRansfer Singapore

Direct To Garment Printing

Pros – Direct to Garment printing is a good choice for integrate designs and color patterns. DGT printing requires little setup time and offers a fast turnaround. No minimum orders.

Cons – Designs may fade faster than other printing methods. Best to use a light-colored t shirt black as the ink may be to “fine” for dark colored t-shirt blanks.

Minimum Order – there is no minimum order for Direct to Garment t shirt printing.

Delivery Time – Delivery time for Direct to Garment printing is 5 – 7 working days.

Direct to Garment printing is probably the second most popular method for professional t shirt printing. While DTG printing is popular, silk screen printing still enjoys at least a 2-1 margin in overall popularity.  Direct to Garment printing started in 2004, when two separate companies introduced the DGT printers at the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

The quality of the prints, economy of printing and durability of DGT printing has steadily increased through the years.  Direct to Garment printing uses a printer that is similar to personal ink-jet printers and print directly onto the garment (t shirt).

Direct to Garment (DTG) printing is great for complex designs and small print quantities. DGT printing is soft to touch as the ink is bonded with the fabric and not printed on top of the fibers.  Unfortunately, DTG printing may not be as durable as other types of t shirt printing methods.


DTG T Shirts look incredible but may not last as long as other printing methods.

Heat TRansfer Singapore

Heat Transfer Printing

Pros – Heat Transfer printing is a fast, easy and cost-effective way to print t shirts, heat transfers are able to print color gradient effects and photo-like images.

Cons – The only drawback to Heat Transfer Printing is that extra washing care to keep the prints last longer.

Minimum Order – There are no minimum orders for Heat Transfer printing.

Delivery Time – Delivery time for Heat Transfer printing is 3 – 5 working days.

Heat Transfer printing is a quick and economical method to print t shirts.  This method involved pressing a heat print transfer onto your garment.  Some people may have had experience where they used an iron to apply the image/graphic to their t shirt.

Heat Transfers technology dates back to the mid-1700s when the technology was being used for printing on ceramic tiles, tea sets and plates.  John Sadler and Guy Green where pioneers in heat transfer printing.

Today’s Heat Transfer printing is similar to dye sublimation, where a transfer image is pressed onto a garment with heat.  Heat Transfer does not involve sublimation, instead the ink becomes hot and melts onto the garment’s fibers. Heat Transfer printing is cheaper and more durable than both Dye Sublimation and Direct to Garment printing but may not look as nice.  Heat transfer printing will work well with cotton-based t shirts.


Heat Transfer printing are a fast, fun method to create a printed T Shirt.

Heat TRansfer Singapore

Embroidery Services

Pros – Embroidery can be applied to just about any type of material, from leather to cotton t- shirts to baseball caps.  Embroidery looks very professional and lasts a long time.

Cons – There is a set up time for Embroidery, large embroideries can become expensive.

Minimum Order – There are no minimum orders for Embroidery Services.

Delivery Time – Delivery time to Embroider a garment is usually between 10 working days.

Embroidery makes a garment look classy, official, almost royal.  We recommend that companies use some embroidery for their uniforms.  Embroidery also work great on baseball caps and handbags.

Embroidery was performed by our ancient ancestors during 5000 – 6000 BC.  At the time people would use basic tools to stitch together different patterns and images.  Later as man progressed the embroidery process became more artistic and refined.  Cultures in the middle east are know for their finely detailed embroidery work.

Embroidery offers a lot of benefits, The Teeser would be happy to discuss if embroidery is right for your next project.  Contact us today for professional advice.


Embroidery works great on company uniforms and baseball caps

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