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Direct To Garment (DTG) printing is an advanced printing method that uses computer aided printers to print directly onto t-shirts and garments. The ink is absorbed by the garments fibers which results in a long-lasting design.

Direct To Garment (DTG) Printing

The Teeser recommends using Direct To Garment printing for low volume print projects that use colorful, detailed graphics and imaging.  Direct To Garment printing requires no minimum order.  We deliver quality every time.

Delivery Time

Most DGT Print orders take 5 to 7 working days. Contact us for an exact delivery time.


Minimum Requirement

There is a 10 piece minimum orders for Direct to Garment printing.


More Information

Please call or WhatsApp our sales staff during business hours at +65-9838 7344


A U.S. Screen “Fast T Jet” Direct to Garment Printer in action.

Direct To Garment History

Direct to Garment (DGT) started in 2004 with the launch of two DGT printers from both Mimaki and U.S. Screen.  Then two machines where first displayed at the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA) show in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. 

Both machines were still in development and had several limitations such as not being able to print on light-colored clothing and the lack of white ink.

In 2005, U.S. Screen had advanced their DGT printing technology through the introduction of the Fast T Jet DGT printer.  It’s ability to print on dark colored shirts positioned DGT printing as an acceptable alternative to the silk screen printing method.

DGT printers has evolved since 2004 – 2005 and have become a t shirt printing standard for printing colourful and detailed images/artwork on t shirts and garments.



Direct To GArment (DTG) Process

Direct to Garment printing is a computer-aided process that uses computer software to translate an image into a digitized artwork.  The computer will calculate and measure the exact mixture of ink to match the exact colors from the original artwork.

Unlike the popular silkscreen printing process that prints one color at a time, the DGT printing process can print all of the colors at one pass which help save producing time. 

Direct to Garment printing uses inkjet printers to spray the ink onto the clothing fibers, the ink is then absorbed into the fibers which makes the garment feel soft and last a long time.

Most garments are pretreated with a chemical solution that will loses the fibers which will allow for better ink absorption.  DTG printing works great on cotton t shirts, hoodies and polo shirts.



Ink Jet Nozzles spray ink onto the garment, they are about 1/10th the size of a human hair.

Direct To Garment Printing

The DTG printing process needs no setup, it’s an On-demand printing process.


Preparing the Design

Direct to Garment printing is simple, send us the image file in either a TIFF or PDF format. We will recreate an exact duplicate that will be used for your t shirts.


Pre Coating T Shirts

Most t shirts are preheated with a special liquid that will help the garment fibers to expand and absorb the printing ink.


Printing Process

DTG printing uses an inkjet printer to spray the ink onto a t shirt, due to the incredible accuracy of inkjet printer all the colors can be applied at the same time.


Heat Curing the Ink

T shirts that are created with DTG printing need time for the inked artwork to dry before the shirts can be handled.


Direct to Garment printing is a great choice for both complicated designs and single custom orders as complicated prints look great and there is no set up cost involved.


No MInimum Orders

You can order a single custom printed t-shirt at a very affordable price because there are no setup costs involved. DTG printing are great for “one off” t shirt printing.

Intricate Designs

DTG printing uses the latest computer-aided printing techniques that take advantage of modern ink-jet designs. The images produce by DTG printing are very accurate and colorful.

Natural Feel

DTG printing embeds ink with a garment material, whereas other printing techniques simply print on top of garment materials. DTG prints feel just like the fabrics they were printed on.

Green Technology

Direct to Garment printing is becoming environmentally safe with the help of companies such as Brothers and Epson. Both companies have taken the initiative to develop inks that meet the OEKO-TEX 100 certification.


DTG printing needs the ink to be absorbed by the garment, therefore some modern materials do not work well with DTG.

 Can Not Print on Polyester Shirts

DTG printing needs the fibers of a garment to absorb the ink. Unfortunately, materials such as polyester do not absorb ink that well. We always recommend using cotton for DTG printing.

Examples Of Direct To Garment Printing

Contact us to learn more about using the Direct To Garment process for your project.

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