Dye Sublimation Printing


Dye Sublimation uses heat to transfer ink onto its target. This printing process is cost effective and durable but can not be used on cotton-based garments.  We recommend Dye Sublimation for printing on nylons and polyester.

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Dye Sublimation Printing

The Teeser recommends using Dye Sublimation printing for various printing projects that need to print over nonlinear surfaces such as ball cap rims and pockets seems. Dye Sublimation is also used to print on a variety of products such as coffee mugs and tote bags.   We deliver quality every time.

Delivery Time

Most Dye Sublimation Print orders take 5 to 7 working days. Contact us for an exact time.


No Minimum Requirement

There are no minimum orders for Dye Sublimation printing. We can print single orders.


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The Dye Sublimation process is a computer based system.

Dye Sublimation History

Dye-Sublimation dates back to the late 1950’s when inventor Noel de Plasse first discovered the sublimation process of printing ink. At the time Mr. Plasse worked for a textile company called Lainier de Roubaix, and later created his own company called Sublistatis SA which was fully devoted to the process of Dye Sublimation.

Dye Sublimation was advanced through the work of Wes Hoekstra. During the 1970’s Mr Hoekstra invented the first dye sublimation printer at the world-famous Jet Propulsion lab in Pasadena, California. His invention used both inkjet and sublimation technologies.

The Dye-Sublimation process was enhanced during the 19080’s with electrostatic sublimation that uses electronic charges and special carrier paper. The electrostatic process helped to reduce the size and cost of dye sublimation equipment.

How Does Sublimation Work?

Dye Sublimation involves the “sublimation” of ink. The word sublimation means, “the transition from solid into a gaseous state”.

The gaseous ink is then infused into fabrics such as nylon and polyester, the combination of ink and fiber are then allowed to cool. Upon cooling the nylon and polyester will contain the color pigmentation of the once gaseous inks.

Today’s sublimation printers use specialized piezoelectric print heads to add an electrical “charge” to the gaseous ink. The charged ink is then transferred to sublimation transfer sheets and will later be applied directly to a garment or other object via a heat press.

The process while simple in therory, require an extraordanary amount of control and presision to accurately create quality print work.


Sublimation printing technology involves an extraordinary amount science.


The Dye Sublimation process is simple, most of the work is completed by the advanced sublimation printers.


Preparing the Design

Our first step in the Dye Sublimation process is load the design images to the computer program.  The images will then be properly sized and positioned onto the garment.


Create Image Transfer

Once the images are loaded and positioned, we then use the sublimation printer to create an exact replication of the image onto our transfer sheets.


Heat Transfer Process

Heat Transfer sheets are used to transfer the ink design onto the substrate (clothing, cups, plastic items).  The transfer sheets transfer the ink with the help of a heat press.


Heat Curing the Ink

The substrate is carefully allowed to cool, the cooling process will help to strengthen the bond between the ink and target substrate.  


Dye Sublimation printing allows you the ability to order a single custom-made t shirt or polo at a very affordable price. Dye Sublimation printing is great for complicated designs & patterns where an emphasis is placed on detail.


No MInimum Orders

Dye Sublimation is an affordable way to print a t shirt, cap or coffee mug.  The method uses a specialized sublimation printer which acts much like a home inkjet printer. 

Due to the ease of setup (just have your image ready). We recommend the use of dye sublimation on most single order printing projects. 


Intricate Designs

Dye Sublimation printing is capable of producing some extraordinary printed artwork. The advanced technologies behind this style of printing enables the sublimation printing machine the ability to apply coloured ink directly to the garment’s fibres.

Unfortunately Dye Sublimation can only be used on nylon and polyester type materials. 

Long Lasting Designs

Many customers like to use Direct to Garment printing as the designs tend to last a long time. The reason behind it’s great durability is the fact that the ink is actually absorbed into the clothing fibers.

In addition to lasting a long time the printed garments also feel natural, the natural feel is due to the ink being absorbed into the clothing. 


The only disadvantage of using Dye Sublimation printing is that you can not use cotton based clothing.

Dye Sublimation printing is an excellent choice for many printing projects, unfortunately the sublimation process does not work well with cotton-based clothing. The reason behind our statement is due to the fact that sublimation uses heat to turn printing ink into a gaseous state, the gas is then infused into the clothing fibers. The transfer of ink onto a substrate occurs at the molecular level, and cottons molecular structure repels the ink molecules.

Examples Of Dye Sublimation Printing

Contact us to learn more about using the Dye Sublimation printing process for your project.


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