5 T-Shirt Caring Tips

5 T-Shirt Caring Tips

T-Shirt Caring Tips,  Are you a T-Shirt Lover? When it comes to the awesome weather of Singapore, who else doesn’t love wearing a T-Shirt! If given a choice i would wear my favourite Tee to my office even when its in Shenton Way! (but my boss won’t like it)

Even though T-Shirts are cheap, there are fragile things especially those that comes with complicated pictures and wordings, there are ways to keep them in tip top conditions and we are going to share with you some of them so that you could sound them out to your friends, family , colleagues and enemies let them know how cool you are! So let us give you some quick advise on how to lengthen the life span of your T-Shirt! Let us share with you our 5 t-shirt caring tips!

T-Shirt Caring Tips (1) Avoid dryers if possible

Excessive heat is never good because they damage T-Shirts and going through dryers day in day out will lead to the t-shirt getting damaged faster than usual which is not a good thing. The best way to dry your clothing is still to put them out in the sunlight. The natural way of drying is the best way to preserve your T-Shirt.

IF you really have to place it in the dryer, try to use lesser heat and a gentle setting so not to damage the T-Shirt.

5 t-shirt caring tips

T-Shirt Caring Tips (2) Wash Gently

The best way to wash your t-shirt is to hand wash it in luke warm water and the best is with hand wash detergent. If this takes too much excess time, a good advice is to use your washing machine with a more delicate cycle. If you really do care for your favorite t-shirt or a vintage one, follow this advice!

5 t-shirt caring tips

T-Shirt Caring Tips (3) Storing your shirts properly

If you want to keep your clothing lasting longer, you should also use a plastic bag or a nice sleeve to keep them. It keeps dust, molds and moths away from the t-shirt which prevents any build up or even possible damage by insects.

The easiest way for shirts to be damaged is insects and also dampness. So do your best to protect your precious clothing from the elements and it should last longer than without.

T-Shirt Caring Tips (4) Keep the white WHITE, don’t mix!

There is always this problem of mixing white T-Shirts with shirts of other colors, i mean for most its just a dump all in and wash it all kind of scenario. But if you are someone who is sentimental and want to keep a certain shirt or want to keep your one lovely T-Shirt for a few summers, you probably might want to split them up into two batches before you wash them.

There are definitely some clothing in your pile that is bound to lose color across the years and this will lead to your pure white shirt turning grey or in some bad cases red/blue/green.

T-Shirt Caring Tips (5) Have the habit of folding your clothing on the seams.

This is not only a better way for you to keep your clothing, is also keeps the clothing in shape.

Speaking of clothes folding, THIS IS PRETTY COOL:

When you have them on the seams you also eliminate the need of ironing it again when you wear it because it has an ugly line across. This also keeps it in tip top conditions for longer

5 t-shirt caring tips


T-shirt caring tips


Hope the 5 t-shirt caring tips are useful in helping you learn more about caring for your clothing! Share this page and if you want to learn more about T-Shirt printing, visit out site to find out more: https://theteeser.com/t-shirt-printer